The New Quarterly is a magazine of Canadian fiction, poetry, and conversation, primarily about the writer’s craft. Our mandate is to nurture emerging writers by publishing and promoting their work alongside that of well-established writers we admire, and to provide an editorial context in which both can be read. We try to balance serious consideration of matters literary with playfulness and invention. The tone is generally celebratory.  Writers we've published were included in the most recent shortlists of The Giller, Griffin Poetry Prize, Commonwealth Writers' Prize, & the Writers Trust Fiction Prize.

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What writers (and readers) have to say about TNQ:


"One of the things I like about The New Quarterly is that they are practically the only publication… that can get Canadian writers to talk about the craft of what they & other writers do with anything like the self-awareness & sophistication The Paris Review can."

— August C. Bourré

"More generously and inventively than other literary magazines, The New Quarterly explores the ‘background’ behind the ‘figure’ of its stories and poems. Through author interviews, eclectic essays, work-in-progress excerpts and analyses, panel discussions, critical appreciations—The New Quarterly never seeks to demystify, but always to broaden and enrich the reader's awareness of the mysteries of the creative process. Unafraid to be quirky, but always with thoughtfulness and sophistication, the magazine extends itself in these forays with the liveliest sense of excitement, discovery, and fun."

— Mike Barnes

"In the hopscotch world of literary guessing, The New Quarterly turns always in the direction of happy surprise, gutsy slander of what is, and the celebration of the turned page."

—  Robert Kroetsch

"Witty and thoughtful, quirky and vibrant, The New Quarterly features the best in new Canadian writing. P.K. Page, Michael Winter, Anne Fleming, Leon Rooke: hang out with Canada's hottest writers in these pages."

— Annabel Lyon

"The New Quarterly is a wonderfully interesting and useful resource for anyone who is writing short fiction or for anyone interested in the Canadian fiction being written today."

— Marilyn Gear Pilling

"The editors aren’t simply committed to the enterprise of literary creation and inquiry. There is no complacency. Instead, there is a continued sense of risk and reach. “

— Stephanie Bolster

"To my mind, The New Quarterly is one of a very short list of truly important literary journals in the country, one that is on the constant lookout for whatever might be out there to dazzle us, turn our heads, break our hearts. In short, it is a magazine that has become essential."

— Andrew Pyper

"TNQ is a pure joy in my life."

— Chris Caven