Save the date: The 5th Annual Wild Writers Literary Festival will take place November 4-6, 2016!

Our preliminary 2016 program is now available! Check back for updates.

Check out our 2014 festival in the video below!

Here’s to the wild ones—the unbridled lovers of the written word, embarking on a journey of discovery and experimentation.

Here’s to the fearless readers and writers who open up new worlds. Who revel in a well-turned phrase and a well-worn page.

Here’s to the wild ones. Confronting convention and dismissing pretension, they bravely explore how words can transform and transcend our lives.

This is a story of wild writers and readers.

There is room in this story for you.

The New Quarterly is proud to present the fourth annual Wild Writers Literary Festival on November 6-8th, 2015. Join us for a celebration of the savage and free and its expression in poetry, the short story, and everything in between. Create, learn, discover and share the art of groundbreaking writing.



The New Quarterly goes whale-chasing, iceberg-dodging and fence hopping in anticipation of the Wild Writers Literary Festival 2015. Presenting Episode 1 of “Wild At Heart” with Sophie Blom (Managing Editor of TNQ):

“Wild at Heart” Episode 1: Sophie Blom


In anticipation of Wild Writers’ Literary Festival meet another face behind The New Quarterly: Canadian Writers & Writing, the wonderful Carolyn Pegg, who talks about her aversion to jumping off of real cliffs and her experience taking a real-life leap of faith.

 ”Wild at Heart” Episode 2: Carolyn Pegg


With only a week to go until the festival, we here at TNQ headquarters are relishing the anticipation. To pump your excitement up a little more to enjoy a weekend of great CanLit authors and books, we’re bringing you episode 3 of “Wild at Heart” featuring K.D. Miller telling a wild story from her days as a Brownie.

“Wild at Heart” Episode 3: K.D. Miller